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Jimmy Butler is shooting 42.6% from the field and 24.3% on threes this season, yet he is recording a team-best +/- of +130 and averaging +9.3 per game, the 5th highest in the league for players with more than one game played  吉米-巴特勒今年投篮命中率42.6%,三分命中率24.3%,但他创造了队史最佳+/-值,+130,场均+9.3,在联盟出场超过1场的球员里排第5

  There‘s much more than scoring and shooting to Butler’s game and stats don’t always tell the whole truth, especially with defensive players  巴特勒场上作用远不止得分和投篮,数据不能说明一切,尤其是防守好的球员

  [–]CavaliersFancy_Highway 291赞1 day ago  Jimmy‘s got that Kyle Lowry / Al Horford impact where he’s so much more valuable than his stats suggest。  骑士球迷:小吉巴有洛瑞/霍福德的效应,数据体现不出来的球盲鉴定器。

  [–]RaptorsJevvyMedia 141赞1 day ago  And in a league where you pretty much need a dominant wing to be a competitor, Jimmy having that all-around impact is just THAT much more valuable。  猛龙球迷:如今联盟球队要有一个统治级侧翼才能有竞争力,巴特勒有这个能力,让他显得更有价值。  [–]Sullan08 11赞18 hours ago  His stats are still pretty good, just on the steals and assist front more than scoring。  他的数据还是不错滴,只是相比得分,心思更放在助攻和抢断上。

  [–]76erslil_intro_vert_ 559赞1 day ago  The main takeaway I took from jimmy after a near-season of watching him every night is that he almost always makes good decisions with the ball。  76人球迷:在看了快一赛季小吉巴球后,我最大的感受是,有球在手时,他几乎不犯错。  Doesn’t really take jumpers unless he needs to, and is a terrific playmaker especially out of pick and rolls。  非必要时很少跳投,还是极佳的组织者,尤其在打挡拆配合时。

  [–]Spectr3- 86赞1 day ago  Ehh, I don‘t know about this。 He took a lot of contested mid-ranged jumpers。 What was really valuable were his cuts and off-ball defense。  额我不知道。他拔很多中距离强投。价值体现在空切和无球防守。  [–]76ersmeditate42 110赞1 day ago  He was great for us overall but i will admit i remember him turning down open threes for contested mid ranges from time to time。  76人球迷:总的来说巴特勒在我费打的很好,但我仍记得吉巴时不时不投空位三分,然后强拔中距离。

  [–][TOR] Fred VanVleetsiakams 274赞1 day ago  IIRC advanced stats have painted Butler as one of the top players in the league for a while now。 Dude is really underrated  猛龙球迷:要是我没记错的话,高阶数据告诉我们巴特勒处于联盟顶级好一段时间了。老哥真被低估了  [–]WeRightHere 259赞1 day ago  He‘s averaging 6.6 assists and only 2.4 turnovers and a league leading 2.6 steals。 He’s getting more steals than turnovers。 And he makes up for his bad shooting percentages by making tons of freethrows。  巴特勒场均6.6助攻,仅有2.4次失误,同时2.6次抢断领衔联盟。他的抢断比失误还多。然后用成堆的罚球去弥补低命中率。  He‘s one of the best players in the league and has been since the 2017 season。  他是联盟最佳之一,从2017年以来一直是。